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Some of the handicraft we sell

This page will show  photos of some of the  items that we are currently importing. This will give you a chance to make an order or give you ideas of what to order in the future.

Christmas Trees

These are small table top trees made from an aromatic grass. Quantity orders are available.

Rocking Chair

Made from Teak wood. 

In stock in the USA now.

Steamer Chair

Made of Teak wood.

In stock in the USA now.

Chest 64220

Made from Mahogany wood.

Now available in the USA with a dark brown stain

Teddy Bears

Made from aromatic grass.

Em us for other styles like elephants, dolphins and wreaths.

Quantity prices available.

Wood Puzzles

Made of  Teak wood.

11 different puzzles. Em for photos.

In the USA now. Quantity prices available

MuuMuu (Moo Moos)

We have many different styles of Muu Muus from tropical to dressy.

1 size fits all.

Quantity prices available.


We have bracelets and necklaces available now in the USA.

We do not sell plastic. Quantity prices available.

Primitive Statues

These small statues come in many different styles from surfer to piano player.


Teak containers with removable lids, carved all the way around and they come in 3 different sizes with different carvings.